Here is a sampling of thank you notes from the many people who have benefitted from The Beamer Hughes Foundation. Special thanks to all of our sponsors, walkers, golfers, and volunteers that make good things happen for those with muscular dystrophy living here in the Greater Rochester/FingerLakes Region.

December 10, 2022

A quick note to say how grateful I am to have received a phone call from Stephanie this morning... 
This will not be the last time I thank her and her foundation.
My friend will be the recipient of an elevator lift for his wheelchair 
when this is all done and we cannot be more thankful.
Thank you Stephanie...

Jeff Embury

Dear Stephanie and the Beamer Hughes Foundation,

I am writing to let you know my new power wheelchair has been delivered.
I want to thank you for your very generous donation to help pay for the power seat elevator.
My insurance company did not deem it medically necessary and would not cover the cost. 
I use it many times daily for transfers and tasks.
The folks who work with and give to Beamers Foundation are very special people. 
They make having a neuromuscular disorder less stressful knowing they are here to help.
I cannot thank you enough!


David Antinore

To:	The Beamer Hughes Foundation
From:	Brian MacDonald
Date:	1/26/21

Last week, two streamed performances were broadcast via the Three Heads Brewing page 
and all virtual tips totaling $325.00 are being donated to the Beamer Hughes Foundation today.  
A good friend of mine (Jackson Rick) told me about the good work your Foundation has done for 
years and we are very happy to help in any way we can.  
The two shows were as follows:
December 2018’s Tribute to Tom Petty’s Wildflowers at Three Heads Brewing – 
The following group of Rochester musicians paid tribute to the legendary 1994 
album in its entirety: Kurt Johnson, Willy O’Reilly, Justin Rister, Billy Martin, 
Eric Carlin, Scott Calpin, and Brian MacDonald.
The Honey Smugglers Performance for 9 ½, A Virtual Party by Three Heads Brewing 
and The Lovin Cup – The musicians for the Honey Smugglers are:  Brian MacDonald, 
Scott Calpin, Stephen Burke, Zac Lijewski, Dylan Niver, and Joe Dellaria.
Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do in helping children 
and adults with any form of muscular dystrophy, including A.L.S. (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) in our community.  
I hope this donation helps and wish everyone the best in 2021.

Thank you for providing children with muscular dystrophy
one of the best weeks of the year at MDA Summer Camp.
The fun-filled week was held 6/23/18-6/29/18 at the
Rotary Sunshine Campus in Rush, NY. We sincerely appreciate
your generosity which made this a great week for the children
at no cost to them or their families. 

Hi Stephanie,

 Thank you for stopping in to visit with Heidi and me last week. 
It’s always a pleasure seeing your smiling face at our door.
Thanks again for providing the funds for my new mattress.

Happy Easter to you and your family.

 Scott Maxson

The Beamer Hughes Foundation Dear Stephanie Hughes, Joe Huber and our Beamer Hughes Foundation family, I want to express to all of you my sincere gratitude for providing the funds to purchase my new Invacare MA65 Alternating Pressure System mattress. The mattress is wonderful and is protecting against health issues that otherwise would most certainly surface and cause serious problems. It’s like sleeping on an air mattress that gently alternates pressure points while increasing blood flow. Amazing, and very comfortable. I’m sleeping like a baby…a big, bald baby with a beard. Now there’s a scary picture! This isn’t the first time you have helped us and there aren’t words that can adequately express my appreciation for all you have done. The words “Thank You” hardly seem enough. The generosity of The Beamer Hughes Foundation is helping to ease the burdens of so many people in our area that are battling muscular diseases. Good people doing great things. Keep up the good work. Beamer’s spirit is alive and touches each and every one of us with your generosity. Sincerely, Scott Scott Maxson

On behalf of Ryan, Myself and the whole Tubiolo family
I’d like to send a heartfelt THANK YOU to Stephanie Hughes
and everyone who participated, donated, and sponsored in the
16th Annual Beamer's Golf Classic for the generous donation
that helped cover the cost of a wheelchair accessible van
and additional costs for his upcoming scoliosis surgery.
This has been a difficult time for our family as Ryan’s condition
continues to become more challenging. The support from the Beamer
Hughes Foundation has really helped not only financially, but to
help raise our spirits knowing that the community is there for Ryan
as he enters this next phase to his journey.


August 26, 2015
The Beamer Hughes Foundation
Attn: Stephanie Hughes
Re: Deck for Michael Dugan
Dear Stephanie:
I’d to thank you and the Beamer Hughes Foundation for your generous donation, which has enabled us
to build a deck for my son, Michael. As you are aware, Michael was diagnosed with ALS at the age of 23
and is currently using a power wheelchair for mobility. Michael loves being outdoors and he couldn’t
easily access the concrete patio originally installed at his townhouse. Thanks to your support and a great
installation by Bill Sauers’ company, Sunday Siders, Michael is now easily able to access his new deck
through the sliding doors at his townhouse.
To say my son is thrilled is an understatement. We are having the siding door fitted with an automatic
opener, so Michael can go out on the deck when he activates an automatic sensor to open the slider.
Once this is installed he won’t have to rely on anyone when he decides to go outside and enjoy his new
deck! I can’t tell you how much “freedom” this gives Michael, which is critical for someone with ALS.
Thank you again for all you and your foundation does to help people in difficult life situations.
Best regards,
Mark Dugan

Merrit Patrick's custom ramp was completed yesterday (6-19-15) as shown 
in the attached picture. Thanks again to everyone for providing Merrit and
his family with the construction of the ramp so he can enter and leave his
home safely with his wheelchair. On behalf of everyone at the Beamer Hughes Foundation,
thank you for making a difference in the lives of children and adults in our community
with muscular dystrophy.  


I just wanted to take this time to thank The Beamer Hughes Foundation
for providing funding for the Tecla Shield. An assistive technology device
that allows me to use my smartphone independently, it has opened many doors
to me  that were once closed. I have the ability to make phone calls, send
texts and use apps entirely independently, it's great! Thank you again and again,
without your help it would of been far more difficult to get this amazing technology
that increases my quality of life and allows me to access the world in many ways that
I couldn't before. Not sure what else to say, I'm so glad to live near such a great
foundation, I know many people in my very situation but they don't have funding like
this near them. I feel very blessed, thanks!
Jon Gardner

Dear Stephanie and everyone at the Beamer Hughes Foundation:
Wyatt, Todd and I want to thank the Beamer Hughes Foundation
for your wonderful gift you provided Wyatt.   His Rifton chair
has helped him in many ways with his independence.  You are very
inspiring and the Rochester community is very lucky to have such
a caring organization. 
Thank you  for inviting us to the Golf Tournament dinner we were
very honored to attend.
Please let us know if you need volunteers for anything, anytime.    
The Fox Family

June , 2014 MDA Summer Camp-Rotary Sunshine Campus-Rush, NY.

June , 2014 MDA Summer Camp-Rotary Sunshine Campus-Rush, NY.

The Beamer Hughes Foundation received the attached Certificate of Appreciation
from the Canine Helpers for the Handicapped, Inc. which is helping Amy White and
her dog Mac become Amy's service dog. Amy has muscular dystrophy and lives here
in Rochester as well. Mac will be a tremendous help to and for Amy and we are
honored to help. On behalf of the Beamer Hughes Foundation, thanks to all of you
for making this and so many other needs of children and adults with muscular dystrophy
throughout each month of every year possible. 

Dear Stephanie and Beamer Board Members,

It is with extreme gratitude the nurse practitioners of the Neuromuscular Disease Center
(Deb Guntrum and Cindy Gibson) accept the generous gift of a Dell laptop to enhance our
work capabilities. The computer arrived last week, and I am learning how to use a laptop
for the first time, which is somewhat challenging given the University's protection system.

Having the computer will make creating educational presentations easier and allow us
access to patient's charts when preforming home visits. No longer will we be tied to an
office computer allowing for improved patient care. Improving patient communications
and enhancement of creating presentations for neuromuscular education are just some
of the immediate benefits of the new computer.

Through the generosity of the Beamer Foundation our area neuromuscular patients will
gain improved access to care.

Thank you again for your generous support of our Neuromuscular Disease Center.


Cindy Gibson, ANP

Dear Stephanie:
Just a quick note to sincerely thank you for your generosity
in purchasing a new scooter for me!! I appreciate your kindness
so much and am really enjoying the new scooter!!
The new scooter allows me the freedom to travel alone and to continue
my volunteer work. I don't know what I would have done without
your kindness.  This is the best gift for 2014!!
Leanne Gallipeau

Thank You from the Foryt Family

Stephanie and the Beamer Hughes Foundation Board and Committee Members:

Thank you very much for the generous donation of over $1,500.00 for our
two sons (Blake and Matthew DiPasqualie from Fairport, NY)
to receive adaptive physical therapy. 
The weekly therapy they receive helps with their flexibility, core strength 
and physical conditioning. They both enjoy the time with the therapist and 
we have seen an improvement in their physical abilities as a result of 
their training. Even their energy levels have improved. 
Without the assistance of the Beamer Hughes Foundation, the therapy might 
not be possible for two boys with muscular dystrophy who need it.

We can't thank you and the Foundation enough for your generosity.

Kristie and Tobin Foryt


Just wanted to send you a special thanks to you and your foundation for the recent gift of a ramp for my husband who has Myotonic Dystrophy. The ramp was installed this week by Mike's Access and it is absolutely gorgeous. We just moved into a ranch in Webster and the ramp was the last asset that we needed to make both our lives easier. You have no idea how grateful we are for your help with this project. I will be sure to let all our family and anyone else who will listen what a great organization you run and ask them to support in any way they can. Thanks again and thank you for making our Christmas brighter and I hope you have a Merry Christmas and safe and healthy New Year.....

Our Best,

<i>Maggie and Kevin Yandow</i>

Sent: Saturday, March 16, 2013 4:32 PM Subject: Thank you I just wanted to say a word of thanks. I'm a patient at the Strong Neuromuscular clinic. I've got a progressive muscle disease which makes many common tasks more and more difficult as time goes by. One of the things that's already very difficult is standing up out of a chair unassisted. I'm still quite able to walk once I'm up and moving, but getting up out of that chair, well, that's not so easy anymore. So, waiting rooms in doctor's offices, or really any similar place, are never fun. Many times I'll just stand until my legs are getting painful, just because I'm not too sure how or if I could make it up out of the chair. Even going to the clinic there at Strong where I'm going because of the disease has been no exception. Until this last week, when I went in for my appointment and saw that your Foundation has donated a pair of chairs designed to make matters easy for someone in my position. I can't tell you how I smiled when I saw that. So, I wanted to express my gratitude. Something like a pair of chairs may seem like a small thing, but it makes a big difference. Thank you very much for your generosity! Rick Thompson
February 20, 2013 Mrs. Stephanie Hughes and the Board of Directors and Committee Members The Beamer Hughes Foundation To Stephanie and all the Board of Directors and Committee Members: I want to thank every one of you for providing me with a seat elevation feature for my new power wheelchair. This feature is a huge and important benefit for me for me to have on my chair as it helps me to be more independent and perform daily life activities that many people take for granted. This feature also helps my Dad and nurses with my transfers in and out of bed as well as to and from the toilet. I use the seat elevation feature many, many times throughout the day. Thank you to everyone for all that you do to help both children and adults with muscular dystrophy. I know it takes time, hard work and commitment throughout the year to plan and organize the Annual Walk for Beam and Beamer's Golf Classic, and we are so appreciative! Thank you for helping people like me and so many others in need. My new chair is awesome! It has helped with my sciatic nerve problems, transferring, reaching light switches and doors, changing positions so I don't get sores, and it makes it easier for me to be independent with tasks such as being able to get the mail due to being able to raise the seat up to reach the mail box. My Dad, nurses, and I are very grateful for everything you have done to make it possible for me to have the seat elevation feature on my new power wheelchair and helping so many other children and adults with muscular dystrophy too. We cannot thank you enough for all your hard work, dedication and generosity. Sincerely, Michelle Brennan Grant Recipient

Click for Thank You Note from Matthew Willis

Dear Stephanie and the Beamer Hughes Foundation Board:

What a tremendous gift you gave the Neuromuscular Disease Clinic through the purchase of two elevated waiting chairs for ourpatients use. Most people do not realize the difficulty someone has when weakness strikes the hip area. Traditional height chairs are almost impossible for our patients to get out of with the only other option to have someone stand and wait. Already we have seen people gravitate to using the new chairs when they know standard chairs are too much work to arise from. Knowing our clinic has thought about the needs of muscle patients makes people feel welcome and at ease. It is through the thoughtfulness and generosity of the Beamer Hughes Foundation the Neuromuscular Disease Clinic is better able to serve the needs of our patients. The wheelchair scale previously purchased is used by hundreds of patients each week. Getting accurate weights is critical for patients at risk for swallowing dysfunction and malnutrition. Additionally we prescribe medications which are weight based and current, accurate weights allow timely titrating for better management. Thank you for all you do to help our clinic better serve our patients. It is through partnership with Foundations like yours we are better able to serve the needs of all the people we serve. With heartfelt gratitude, Cindy Gibson, ANP

Cynthia Gibson, ANP

Neuromuscular Disease Center

601 Elmwood Avenue, BOX 673

Rochester, NY 14642

FAX: 585-273-1255

Phone: 585-275-2559

The Beamer Hughes Foundation sending children ages 6 to 21 years old with muscular dystrophy to Summer camp held at the Rotary Sunshine Campus in Rush, New York every year since 2000. Thank you for your donations which makes this all possible!

This 'Thank You' message is made possible with tremendous help from Muscular Dystrophy Association of Rochester, New York and The Beamer Hughes Foundation Their generosity has helped make tasks at home and school much more achievable and a lot less painful for our entire family but, especially for Brandy and Sara. May God bless you all with his loving strength, guidance, and protection. Connie, Aaron, Brandy, and Sara Thanks again so much for all that you have done for us! Connie